Do I need to turn off my old Wi-Fi?

If you purchase Rebel's Wi-Fi Only product, we recommend turning off your old Broadband provider's Wi-Fi for the best Wi-Fi experience

Multiple Wi-Fi networks in a home causes interference, so you will need to disable your old Wi-Fi.

  • BT, Virgin or TalkTalk Broadband customers, our Rebel Internet Set-up app will do this for you.  Simply download the app on your phone, connect to your old Wi-Fi network, and it handles the rest.
  • Community Fibre, Hyperoptic and other new FTTP customers, simply disconnect your Router from the cable, then plug the ethernet cable directly into the SuperPod.  No need to turn off the Wi-Fi, simply get rid of the old Router.
  • For all other Broadband customers, our Rebel Internet Set-up app still might be able to help.  We are constantly updating our App to add additional Broadband providers.  If our App is unable to turn off your old Wi-Fi radios, ask you old provider how to turn your old Router into Bridge mode or turn off the Wi-Fi radios.