Do you Price Match?

No, Rebel does not match the offers of other providers

Rebel invests in the latest Wi-Fi hardware and software technology. This means customers receive newer and more powerful equipment in their home. This newer hardware ranges from Rebel’s broadband router to their Wi-Fi SuperPods.

Rebel also invests in providing customers 24/7 customer service through call and email support. Its technology also enables 24/7 network performance monitoring.

Most importantly, Rebel does not participate in misleading pricing tactics that includes “Teaser Pricing” or “CPI+” price increases. “Teaser Pricing” is where a provider offers a heavily discounted limited duration price then increases the price significantly at the end of the offer. We find this pricing tactic misleading because most often customers forget their offer’s duration and end up paying a significantly higher fee than they expected.

Finally, Rebel does not raise their prices by above inflation like the largest Big Broadband providers.