What is Rebel's FTTP Upgrade Guarantee?

As soon as Full Fibre-to-the-Premise is available to your home, Rebel will upgrade you free of charge.

Over the next several years, nearly every home in the UK will be upgraded to Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) Broadband technology.

To ensure every Rebel customer benefits from this future technology, we will upgrade your home as soon as it is available, for free.

This ensures that you and your family will always have the latest Broadband technology.

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Full-fibre is a fibre-optic cable that connection from the local exchange all the way to a Fibre Box on the wall in your property (our Engineers may call this box an ONT). This eliminates all copper from your connection.

  • Considered the gold standard of Broadband connectivity, full-fibre is the most reliable technology on the market.
  • Made from a piece of glass, the fibres use pulses of light to transmit data fast, which provides a faster internet connection.
  • FTTP speeds aren’t limited or impacted by the distance you are from the exchange or local street cabinet, like other Broadband technologies.