How does Rebel Wi-Fi work?

Rebel's standalone Wi-Fi Only service is a mesh Wi-Fi service that can be added to your existing Broadband connection, so you can get the same great Wi-Fi as Rebel's Broadband customers.

The Problem:  Routers have limited coverage. Extenders can often improve the coverage, but degrade the internet speed.

The Solution:  Rebel's unique mesh Wi-Fi system uses AI to optimise your Wi-Fi based on your usage and neighbour’s Wi-Fi to deliver the best speed and coverage


Mesh Wi-Fi systems provide higher coverage without degrading speed.  They can replace the Broadband provider's Router's limited Wi-Fi coverage and speeds.


Rebel's 24/7 network monitoring and proactive support provide our customers with unrivalled insights to ensure your home has the best Wi-Fi experience across your entire home.

Every home is different. Rebel software monitors your home environment, device types, and data requirements to provide each device with the right speed and coverage. Rebel utilises three radios, multiple channels and SuperPod hardware to do this. 

House 1

Rebel provides multiple access points to provide your home with fast, reliable coverage all on a single network.