How do I create individual Profiles on the HomePass App?

Profiles let you monitor and manage Wi-Fi at a user and device level, such as Parental and Network Controls

In your HomePass app, you can create people and IoT Profiles, then assign specific devices to each to further monitor and manage how people use your home Wi-Fi.  

To create a profile:  

  • On the HomePass app, go to the “People” section by clicking the bottom centre button
  • On the top-right of your screen, press the “+” button to enter the person’s name. You can also add a photo and an email address for this person. If you add their Email Address, this will add them to your Account.



  • Add their profile information. This allows you to control Content access as well as their Guard settings, it will apply for all their assigned devices while they are connected to the network. 


  • Once you are happy with the profile settings, press “Done” on the top-right of your screen.  

The newly created profile will be added to the list of profiles already created. Now, you need to tell HomePass which device(s) this person uses when connected to your network 

  • Press “Tap to assign device” under their profile card. The devices you select will apply the rules set in the Profile to the selected devices. You are now able to monitor and manage the Wi-Fi for this Profile. 


  • Once all devices have been added, press “Done”.
  • Next, you will be prompted to assign a Primary device, which is used to determine if they are home. Be sure to choose a device that they will always take with them, such as a smartphone.  




  • Press “Done” when you have confirmed the Primary device.  


If you need to remove a profile: 

  • Go to the person’s profile details page 
  • Press the three vertical dots icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen 



  • Press “Remove person"


Removing a profile will automatically remove them from access to your account, clear the profile details, historical data consumption and will de-assign all devices that were previously assigned to the profile.  

Please note, some devices, such as iPhones, constantly change the MAC address that is shared publiclly. Therefore, each time Apple changes thes MAC address, you will need to assign the new MAC address device in the Profile.

If you have any additional or specific questions, please email our support team at