How do I set up my Broadband Router?

Now that you have received your Rebel R1 Router, let's get you connected!

Setting up Rebel's R1 Router is simple. Follow the steps below and you will connect to Wi-Fi that actually works:

  1. Find your Openreach box on your wall. This is on the wall where your Broadband connection comes into your home. 

    Rebel Fibre Customers should see an Openreach box like one of these: 




Rebel Full Fibre Broadband Customers will find an Openreach ONT - Optical Network Terminal - looking like one of these:


Huawei 1-port ONTHuawei-4-port-modem-641


  1. Find the two cables in your Rebel parcel. For Full Fibre Broadband (Rebel 115, 330 or 1000), use the larger cable (called RJ45 cable) and connect it to the PORT1 of the ONT on your wall. Connect the other end of the cable to the red WAN port on the back of your Rebel R1 Router.
  2. If you have Rebel Fibre, use the smaller cable (RJ11 cable). Connect one end directly into the Openreach box, or the "MODEM" port of the microfilter you received, and connect the other into the "DSL" port on the back of the Rebel R1 Router.  
  3. Power on your Rebel R1 Router. 
  4. If you purchased additional Wi-Fi, connect your wireless SuperPods throughout your home. We recommend that you place them no more than two rooms apart and away from metal, mirrors, or the oven and microwave in your kitchen.
  5. Download the HomePass by Plume app. Click ‘Sign In’, then enter your email and click ‘Reset Password via Magic Link’.
  6. Personalise your Wi-Fi name and Password in the app, then connect all your devices to your new Rebel Wi-Fi.

If you have any questions or need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out to