Can I keep my Home Phone with another provider and add Rebel Broadband?

Great question! If you have a VoIP service, it will work with Rebel Broadband; however, if you have a traditional Telephone line, it will no longer work.

We know how important your Home Phone service is. This is why Rebel allows you to port your Home Phone number when you add Home Phone to your package.

However, if you have Home Phone with another provider and you want to keep it with them, your ability to do so will depend on how the service is provided.

If you already have a Voice over IP (VoIP) Home Phone solution, then you have already future-proofed your Home Phone and you are ready to connect to Rebel Broadband. 

If you have a traditional Home Phone telephony service delivered via an Openreach Master Socket on your wall, this service will no longer work when you transfer to Rebel Broadband. The UK is transitioning away from traditional copper delivered home phone telephony, as we transition to a digital country. The national provider, Openreach, has issues a stop-sell on all traditional telephony solutions, and by 2030, all telephone lines will be turned off.

The best option is to transfer your Home Phone service and number to Rebel. We will ensure you keep your number and provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Home Phone device to our Rebel R1 Router.