How do I set up Parental Controls?

Create individual profiles and connect devices to limit your children's access to certain websites or apps

Simply download the HomePass by Plume app from your Android or iOS app store, Log-In using the email you registered with Rebel, create a password, then take control of your home Wi-Fi network.

Please note, do not click Set-up when signing into HomePass the first time, as Rebel has already done this for you.

To set up Parental Controls in HomePass, you first need to create a profile for your child. You can then set specific rules and restrictions for each child's profile, including time limits, content filters, and app restrictions.

HomePass offers a range of Parental Controls, including:

  • Limit Internet Access:  Set up rules for different times of day in your child's profile
  • Content Filtering:  Block access to specific websites or types of content, such as adult content, gambling sites, or social media. You can also create custom filters to block specific websites or keywords
  • App Management:  Restrict access to certain apps, such as messaging or social media apps, or set time limits for how long your child can use them. This can help you control your child's screen time and ensure that they are not spending too much time on their devices.
  • Real-life Monitoring & Alerts:  Receive notifications when your child tries to access blocked content or when they attempt to access the internet during restricted times. This allows you to stay informed and take action if necessary.

In summary, Rebel's HomePass offers robust Parental Controls that allow you to manage your child's internet access, protect them from inappropriate content, and ensure that they are using their devices responsibly. With content filtering, app management, time limits, and real-time monitoring, HomePass Parental Controls are an essential tool for any parent looking to protect their child online.