What is Motion Sense?

Sense allows you to see movement around your SuperPods and IoT devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network

Simply download the HomePass by Plume app from your Android or iOS app store, Log-In using the email you registered with Rebel, create a password, then take control of your home Wi-Fi network.

Please note, do not click Set-up when signing into HomePass the first time, as Rebel has already done this for you.

Enable Sense in HomePass from the home screen by toggling Sense On.

Sense offers a range of home monitoring insight, including:

  • Movement Notifications:  Once Sense is on, you can receive notifications when there is movement from in your home, including the location of that movement.  There is even an option to exclude movement from dogs or cats.
  • Device Monitoring:   See how much data each device is using, which websites or apps it is accessing, and how much time it is spending online 
  • Device Restrictions:  Ability to set rules and restrictions for each device on your network. For example, you can set time limits for when your children can use their devices, or restrict access to certain websites or apps. You can also prioritize certain devices, such as your smart TV or gaming console, to ensure that they have the best possible performance.
  • Advanced Security:  Protect your home network with potential security threat alerts, such as devices that are trying to access your network without authorization. It can also automatically update your network's security settings to protect against known vulnerabilities and ensure that your devices are always secure.

In summary, Rebel's Sense is a powerful feature in HomePass that allows you to monitor and control the devices on your home network, both physical and digital. With the ability to monitor activity, set rules and restrictions, and prioritize devices, Sense is an essential tool for anyone looking to manage their home network and protect their devices from security threats.