What is my Referral Code and where do I find it?

Your Referral Code is available in your Rebel Portal

Rebel rewards you for sharing the Rebel story with your friends, family and neighbours. Every time someone uses your personal Referral Code or Referral Link, you both earn a £20 Amazon Gift Card 60 days after their Start Date.

You will receive your referral code a few days after your Rebel services go live.

You also have a Referral Link, generated at the following format: https://rebelinternet.uk/?rsCode=JOHNSMITH 

Additionally, you can see your Referral Code, track your Referrals and see when your rewards are set to be earned via your Customer Portal.

If you can't find your Customer Portal link, no problem! Simply click the link below, then enter your email, postcode, Rebel account number and choose a password to create your Customer Portal.


Once you register, you can always return to your Customer Portal through the below link using your Email and Password.  


Forgot your password? No problem! Simply click "Forgot your password?" to create a new password.

If you need anything else, please email our Customer Success Team at support@rebelinternet.uk