What do the lights (LEDs) mean on my SuperPod?

The light on your SuperPod is an important indicator to the health of your Pods

The LED on your Wi-Fi Pods can indicate a number of different things about your network status:

  • No LED on Startup: If there’s no light at all when you plug in the SuperPod, check your outlet with another appliance or device to ensure it has power. If the outlet is working and there's still no LED, then there may be something wrong with your Pod. Please contact us at support@rebelinternet.uk
  • Pulsing Green Light: A pulsing green LED means the Pod is connecting to your Wi-Fi network. The light will pulse slowly until the Pod is connected. Once the connection is complete, the LED will turn off.
  • Pulsing White Light: A pulsing white LED means the Pod has lost its connection to your Wi-Fi network.  Please ensure one Pod is connected to your Router if you do not have Broadband service from Rebel.
  • Quick double blink Green Lights: Quick green double blinks indicate that your Pod’s connection is being optimized. This will happen immediately after setup and periodically overnight, but it can also be triggered by a change in your environment, such as increased interference. Optimization usually takes 2-3 minutes, depending on how many SuperPods you have.
  • Continues or rapid Red or Blue Blinks: A rapidly blinking red or blue LED indicates that your Pod is having a serious hardware or software issue. Please contact us at support@rebelinternet.uk