What happens after I sign-up?

First, welcome to Rebel! Your Rebel activation / installation is simple, and we are here if you have questions

Immediately after your order, you will receive a Welcome Email. Next, Rebel will perform a few automated network checks and  validations, then Rebel will send you a final confirmation.

Next, Rebel will charge your first payment ahead of shipping your equipment. We do this to ensure the payment information provided is accurate. Your second payment will not be charged until 30 days after you activation / installation date. After this is complete, Rebel will email you confirming everything looks good.

Once your first payment clears, Rebel will ship your equipment via Royal Mail. Rebel will send you the tracking information for your delivery. If you aren't going to be home for you delivery, no problem. You can update the delivery using the Royal Mail app, or collect from your local Royal Mail office.

Ahead of your activation / installation of your Broadband, Home Phone or Wi-Fi Only solution, Rebel will email you specific instructions on how to connect your equipment. For Broadband Installations, an Engineer from our partner Openreach will install your Broadband and connect your Router.

Finally, once you Broadband and Wi-Fi is setup, you are able to customise your Wi-Fi name / password, access Parental Controls and monitor your network with our HomePass by Plume app. Please note, when you first login to this app, click "Sign-In", not "Set-up", as Rebel has already set-up your account.

For any other questions, please email the Rebel Support team 24/7 at support@rebelinternet.uk