What is Rebel's Set up App?

Rebel's Set up App is for customers who purchased our stand alone Wi-Fi solution (Wi-Fi Only customers)

Our App will guide our Wi-Fi only customers through the Wi-Fi setup in their home.  It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

To find the app, simply search from Rebel Internet in your app store.

Rebel Internet Set up App will walk the customer through the following steps:

  1. Turn-off your old Wi-Fi radios (BT, Virgin & TalkTalk only) to reduce congestion in your home
  2. Customise your new Rebel Wi-Fi name and password
  3. Rename your Wi-Fi SuperPods to ensure you are easily able to monitor their performance
  4. Introduce you to the HomePass by Plume app where you can control your home Wi-Fi experience, including Parental Controls, Prioritisation, motion sense and Guest Wi-Fi