What to expect with your Openreach New Line Installation?

Is your Openreach installation day approaching? Read below for what to expect on the day.

On your activation day, an Openreach engineer will come to install your broadband line between your property and the street cabinet or pole nearby.  

Appointments are always either in the morning, between 8 am and 1 pm, or in the afternoon, between 1 pm and 6 pm. Throughout the process, you will receive text messages from Openreach and email updates from Rebel up until the day of installation.  

If a Full Fibre (Rebel 115, 300 or 1000) line is being installed for the first time, the engineer will drill a new hole to bring the larger fibre optic cable into your property, then will install a new Openreach box, called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal), inside your home. This is a small wall-mounted box where the new fibre line terminates.  

For all Installations, the engineer will conclude the work by testing your line and helping you set up your Rebel Router to make sure it is properly connected to the Openreach wall socket.  


If you need any assistance to set up your equipment, your Rebel R1 Router comes with a guide detailing every step to activate your Rebel broadband. You can also get in touch with our Support team any time, we are here to help.