When do I receive my Referral Reward?

30-days after your referred friend's start date, you both will receive your reward

As a way to say thank you, Rebel provides a reward for every friend you refer. Just as important as sharing your referral code, is understanding when you will receive your reward.

The Rebel Reward will be emailed to both the Referee and Referrer 30-days after the Referrer's network has gone live.  For example, if your Referrer signed up on 03 March with a start date of 30 March, then the Referral will be paid on our before 30 April.

You can always check the latest of your Referrals on your Customer Portal. Here, you can see your Referral Code, track your Referrals and see when you will get rewarded.

Customer Portal

The first time you access your Customer Portal, you will need to enter your email, postcode, Rebel account number, then select a password to create your Customer Portal.


Once you register, you can always return to your Customer Portal through the below link using your Email and Password.  


Forgot your password? No problem! Simply click "Forgot your password?" to create a new password.

If you need anything else, please email our Customer Success Team at support@rebelinternet.uk