Is there anything Rebel's Wi-Fi Only solution can't do?

Rebel's Wi-Fi Only solution will bring your Broadband speeds to all of your home, but there are a couple things we can't do

If you have decided to keep your existing Broadband provider, no worries. Rebel's Wi-Fi Only solution will ensure you receive your Broadband Speeds you receive at your Router to every part of your home.

However, you will need a Broadband provider.  You can use any UK provider.  You will connect the SuperPods to your Broadband in order to improve your Wi-Fi. In most instances, you will connect one of your SuperPods directly to the Broadband Router via an Ethernet cable provided by Rebel. In some instances, you can replace your current Router with the SuperPod directly. Rebel's set-up app will walk you through this.

Additionally, the Wi-Fi pods are unable to increase the maximum speed your Broadband provider provides to your home. For example, if you Broadband provider is only providing a copper to ADSL connection of 10mbps download, our Wi-Fi Only solution will not provide faster speeds.