How do I set-up my Wi-Fi Only solution?

Rebel's Wi-Fi Only solution is easy to connect to your existing Router, and our Rebel Internet App does the rest.

Setting up a Rebel Wi-Fi Only solution is a breeze. If you want to keep your existing Broadband provider, but want to experience Rebel's adaptive mesh Wi-Fi, no problem! We have a simple solution for this.

Once you receive your SuperPods, simply connect one of them via the Ethernet cable provided in one of the boxes to your existing Router. Next, plug-in the remainder of your SuperPods around your home. These will connect wirelessly to the first SuperPod creating a mesh Wi-Fi network.

Next, download and open our Rebel Internet Setup app form your Apple or Android app store. Follow the directions to name your new Wi-Fi network, name your SuperPods and create your personalised Wi-Fi password.

If your Broadband provider is BT, Virgin or TalkTalk, our app will turn off your old Wi-Fi radios to ensure there is no  interference from your legacy Broadband Router.

Once you are setup, control your Wi-Fi network utilising our HomePass app.

If you have any questions during this set-up process, don't hesitate to reach out to for assistance.