What are SuperPods?

More than just beautiful design, SuperPods are equiped with tri-band radios, cloud connected and wall-mounted


Mobile Single silver SuperPodSuperPods communicate with each other wirelessly to extend the coverage area and eliminate dead spots. They include band steering, which automatically assigns devices to the best frequency band for optimal performance, and traffic prioritization, which gives priority to critical applications such as streaming video or online gaming.

Rebel's SuperPod packs a tri-band WiFi radio configuration with eight radio chains and two auto-configuring Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Our SuperPods come with the powerful mobile app HomePass that allows you to take full control over your home network and configure it just for the way you want to use it. Learn more about what you can do with HomePass.

superpod_silver_triple_android_600x600SuperPod Wi-Fi Mesh | Technical Specs:

  • Triple band, simultaneously operating 2.4GHz, 5GHz 2x2 MIMO and 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11b 802.11b/g/n/ac radios
  • Operating bandwidths of 20/40MHz for 2.4GHz radio and 20/40/80MHz for 5GHz radios
  • AC3000 Gigabit Wi-Fi (400 + 867 + 1734 Mbps)
  • Wi-Fi Channels 1 to 13, 36 to 48 and DFS channels 52-64, 100 to 112 and 132 to 140
  • Security WPA2-PSK (AES), SPI Firewall and VPN passthrough
  • Single SSID covering all radio bands with custom guest access
  • Two Ethernet ports
  • ARM a7 quad core, 717 MHz processor