What is HomePass by Plume?

HomePass by Plume is a powerful app that puts you in full control of your Rebel Wi-Fi network.

Simply download the app from your Android or iOS app store, You can log-in by clicking on "sign in", then use the email you registered with Rebel, create a password, and take control of your home Wi-Fi network.

Please note, on your first use, make sure you don't click on Set-up  when signing into HomePass the first time, as Rebel has already done this for you.


HomePass offers a range of features to manage your Wi-Fi network, including:

  • Profiles and Devices: assign profiles and specific devices to your home users so that they can enjoy specific network rules and protection as you see fit. Learn more.
  • Network Management:  Change your main Wi-Fi name / password and set up a separate guest network to allow visitors to access your Wi-Fi without compromising security. Learn more.
  • Parental Controls:  Create individual profiles and connect devices to limit your children's access to certain websites or apps.  Freeze specific devices for family time or homework.  You are back in charge of how your family connects. Learn more
  • Guard:  Enable Adblocking, Advanced IoT protection and Online Protection to stop phishing emails, malware or other instructions before they happen. Learn more
  • Motion Sense:  Turn your SuperPods into unobtrusive motion detectors, so when you are away, you can ensure people are (or are not) in your home while you are away.  Also, track movement across specific SuperPods or IoT devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Facebook Portal.  Anything with a motion sensor can be turned into a Sense device, all controlled by your in the app. Learn more