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technology at
every stage.

From the broadband coming into your house to the Wi-Fi network within your home, we use the latest technology to create a fast and reliable connection to every device, in every room, at any time.
Rebel's SuperPod inspired graphic artwork Rebel's SuperPod inspired graphic artwork
Three steps to powerful Wi-Fi.

Broadband is the physical network that brings the internet to your home via fibre or copper cables.

The latest fibre tech (FTTP) enables 1000 Mbps speeds.


Our advanced hardware creates a powerful home Wi-Fi network that maintains consistently fast internet speeds throughout your home.

That’s why we call them SuperPods.


Our revolutionary software creates a dynamic connection to every device, automatically optimising in the background for a seamless experience.

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Leveraging the
latest fibre broadband.

  • FTTP network reaches 12m homes - growing by 3m annually
  • FTTP enables 13x faster speeds and 99.99% reliability
  • FTTC network extends to 95% of the UK
Fibre broadband technology graphic outlining the difference between FTTP and FTTC
Fibre broadband technology graphic outlining the difference between FTTP and FTTC

They’re called
SuperPods for a reason.

Minimalist design plugs straight into your wall Tri-band frequencies reduce congestion Multiple channels reduce interference
Single silver SuperPod
Single silver SuperPod

Personalise and control
your Wi-Fi network.

  • Customise your Wi-Fi network name and password
  • Create individual profiles and assign connected devices
  • Prioritise devices and set parental controls
HomePass by Plume app showing access screen for Wi-Fi name and password
HomePass by Plume app showing home networking screen
HomePass by Plume app showing different connected devices

A home network
that self-optimises.

  • Continuous monitoring and avoidance of interference from neighbouring networks
  • Dynamic distribution of traffic to non-interfering channels
  • Device-specific optimisation according to data usage
GIF showing Rebel's dynamic Wi-Fi self-optimising a SuperPod Wi-Fi network

24-7 network
performance monitoring.

  • A health score for your entire Wi-Fi network
  • Machine learning and predictive AI troubleshoots issues automatically
  • Proactive customer service alerts you to potential problems before you notice them
Customer health score from 24/7 network performance monitoring

Always at the leading edge of technology.

  • Cloud-powered software updates each night
  • Continuous releases of new app features and capabilities
  • Deployment of latest Wi-Fi 6 standards across hardware suite
Three SuperPods and phone with HomePass by Plume app