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Fast and
home Wi-Fi

Experience the best Wi-Fi equipment available with the UK's only home Wi-Fi subscription service.
SuperPod surrounded by Rebel graphics SuperPod surrounded by Rebel graphics

How it works

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Keep Your Broadband

Keep your existing home broadband service. Rebel Wi-Fi works on top, so no switching required!

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Select Your SuperPods

Order your SuperPods online, we recommend one for every two rooms (use the guide for the optimal setup).

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Enjoy Powerful Wi-Fi

Install in minutes with our simple app to enjoy fast and powerful Wi-Fi throughout your home.

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Don't waste your money on
expensive, outdated Wi-Fi equipment.


Instead, try the UK’s only Wi-Fi  subscription service from just £10 per month.

No more dead spots, dropouts, or buffering.


We’re Rebel for a reason.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Broadband and Wi-Fi?

Broadband is the physical connection that brings the internet into your home. Typically, this is provided over copper or fibre cables. You will usually have a socket on your wall where these cables connect to. You will then plug in your Router to this socket. 

Wi-Fi is the wireless network that is created by your Router and Extenders (if applicable). 

Typically, people connect to the internet using the Wi-Fi network that is supported by the Broadband network.

Does this replace my broadband?

No. You need a broadband service to create a Wi-Fi network.

Rebel Wi-Fi works "on top" of your existing broadband service to create a stronger Wi-Fi network throughout your home. 

You cannot cancel your broadband service and expect Rebel Wi-Fi to work.

When does it make sense to buy Rebel Wi-Fi?

If you currently have a broadband service but your Wi-Fi in your house is poor, then you need a stronger Wi-Fi network.

If you are out of contract with your broadband provider, then you should switch your broadband and Wi-Fi to Rebel as we can provide you a better experience and fully replace your existing provider.

If you are stuck in a contract with your broadband provider, then it makes sense to buy Rebel Wi-Fi so we can fix your current Wi-Fi problem. 

Can I switch to Rebel Broadband later?


If you are in a broadband contract and use Rebel Wi-Fi over the top, then once your broadband contract is up, simply switch your broadband service to Rebel. 

You can do this with one click through your Customer Portal. We will handle the switch for you and inform your current provider that you are leaving. 

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A new way to Wi-Fi


Advanced Hardware

Stylish tri-band SuperPods that plug into your wall and create a powerful Wi-Fi network.
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Dynamic Software

Cloud powered software that continuously optimises the connection of every device in your home.
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Performance Alerts

We monitor your network's health and share targeted recommendations to ensure peak performance.
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No Upfront Costs

The best Wi-Fi equipment, on subscription. No deposits. No shipping fees. No contracts.
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Hardware Upgrades

Access the lastest Wi-Fi technology with regular hardware upgrades at no extra cost.
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Premium Service

Our friendly success teams are available to help 24/7. Call or email. Always people, no bots.

They’re called
SuperPods for a reason.

Minimalist design plugs into your wall

Tri-band frequencies reduce congestion

Multiple channels reduce interference


Single silver SuperPod
Single silver SuperPod
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Happy Rebel customer who is enjoying Wi-Fi that actually works from living room

A plug-and-play
home Wi-Fi solution.

Create a superior Wi-Fi network for a small monthly fee instead of investing up front in hard-to-use equipment.

We'll send you advanced Wi-Fi SuperPods, help you install them, and make sure you're getting the best out of your network.

"The signal literally follows me around the house with whatever device I'm using, full signal everywhere. They also give you an app where you can control your Wi-Fi easily."

Pipesey, Trustpilot
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"Quick to install and we have had flawless coverage all around our home. Excellent if you are looking for a provider for reliable network for working at home."

Emma, Trustpilot
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"They have set the set the standard for how internet providers should treat their customers. The service has been second to none and the connectivity throughout the house and even outside is a game-changer ."

Mark, Trustpilot
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"After years of searching for a WiFi solution that actually works, with hundreds of pounds spent on extenders that never worked and created multiple networks in the home, I finally have an internet solution that works.  I'm actually able to work in my home office! Rebel has made our home work."

Emily, Trustpilot
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Beyond mesh.

Our advanced Wi-Fi SuperPods create a powerful home Wi-Fi network that maintains consistently fast internet speeds throughout your home.

Our revolutionary software creates a dynamic connection to every device, automatically optimising in the background for a seamless experience.

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Rebel Modules10
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  • 4.7 • Excellent
  • vodafone
  • Layer 30
  • 1.3 • Bad
  • BT
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  • 1.5 • Bad
  • sky
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  • 1.6 • Bad
  • virgin
  • Layer 31
  • 2.0 • Poor
  • talktalk
  • Layer 32
  • 2.8 • Average
Trustpilot scores as of 12.01.23

Trustpilot shows we're setting a new standard.

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Trustpilot shows we're setting a new standard.

Personalise and control
your Wi-Fi network.

  • Customise your Wi-Fi network name and password
  • Create individual profiles and assign connected devices
  • Prioritise devices and set parental controls
HomePass by Plume app showing access screen for Wi-Fi name and password
HomePass by Plume app showing home networking screen
HomePass by Plume app showing different connected devices

A home network
that self-optimises.

  • Continuous monitoring and avoidance of interference from neighbouring networks
  • Dynamic distribution of traffic to non-interfering channels
  • Device-specific optimisation according to data usage
GIF showing Rebel's dynamic Wi-Fi self-optimising a SuperPod Wi-Fi network

24-7 network
performance monitoring.

  • A health score for your entire Wi-Fi network
  • Machine learning and predictive AI troubleshoots issues automatically
  • Proactive customer service alerts you to potential problems before you notice them
Customer health score from 24/7 network performance monitoring

Always at the leading edge of technology.

  • Cloud-powered software updates each night
  • Continuous releases of new app features and capabilities
  • Deployment of latest Wi-Fi 6 standards across hardware suite
Three SuperPods and phone with HomePass by Plume app

Need help? Talk to us.

Our friendly customer success teams are available 24/7 by phone or email. You can also complete the form with your question, and our team will respond ASAP.