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It’s time for a rebellion.

We started Rebel to revolutionise internet in the UK.

Rebel's SuperPod inspired graphic artwork with tan background Rebel's SuperPod inspired graphic artwork with tan background
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Customer of Big Broadband who is frustrated

We are all being held hostage by
the big broadband companies.

You know who they are. You probably have a
contract with one. These household names trap
you into long term contracts, laden with hidden
fees. Slap you with higher-than-inflation price rises.
And when you want to talk to someone,
well, good luck with that.

Their advertising is all smoke and mirrors.
Because they know if they talk in generalities, the
reality can be different. And who’s to know?
You, that’s who. But what can you do?
Little old you against the Big Boys?

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Here come the cavalry.

The world has changed. But these big broadband companies haven’t. Because they can’t. They are too big, too cumbersome, too stuck with outdated technology and old-fashioned attitudes to customer’s needs, customer’s lives.

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Your life, your internet.

You need more from your internet than ever before.
You may want to work from home. Want to exercise in your spare room. Have a family that wants to use the internet all at the same time, with multiple devices. None of this should be a problem.

This way of living should be celebrated but it is dependent on the quality of your Wi-Fi. This way of living isn’t going to change. So your internet service has to change.

You need an internet connection that helps you and your family live the way you want. More fulfilling, more balanced, more enjoyable lives.

A happy multi-generational family enjoying Wi-Fi that actually works
A happy multi-generational family enjoying Wi-Fi that actually works
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You need
that actually
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Our Commitments.

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The latest technology

Constant innovation across our technology platform.

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Fair and transparent pricing

New and existing customers pay the same price. No tricks.

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Premium customer service

Reach a helpful human by phone or email, anytime.

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Our Founders.


Tucker George, CEO

Tucker has led and advised the world’s largest telecom providers across North America and Europe, most recently as Managing Director of Business Transformation at BT.

It was here, inside the belly of the beast, that Tucker realised that legacy broadband providers could never change fast enough to meet modern needs. To create an internet service provider that actually served its customers, he would have to start from scratch.

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David Groth, COO

David has led technology strategy and strategic partnerships at two of the world’s largest telecom providers: BT in the UK and Charter Communications in the US.

It was at BT that he first worked with Tucker and discovered a shared frustration with the way UK broadband customers are treated. With his unrivalled tech expertise, he knew exactly what technology and partnerships were needed to revolutionise home internet. 

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