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Fast & reliable home internet

Easy setup. Powerful Wi-Fi. 24/7 customer service.

Mobile Single silver SuperPod Mobile Single silver SuperPod
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Don't put up with unreliable home internet
from outdated legacy broadband providers.

    • No more dead spots, dropouts, or buffering.
    • No more long-term contracts.
    • No more misleading and malicious price increases.
We’re Rebel for a reason.
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"The signal literally follows me around the house with whatever device I'm using, full signal everywhere. They also give you an app where you can control your Wi-Fi easily."

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"I was recommended to try Rebel, AND WHAT A GAME CHANGER!!!! I have finally fast and reliable broadband everywhere in the house and for the whole family. Thank you Rebel"

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"According to my experiences so far, this is an incredible fibre broadband company. The connection is fast and reliable and the service is by far (astronomically far) the best I've ever had."

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Customer enjoying Rebel's Wi-Fi that actually works from his home office
Customer enjoying Rebel's Wi-Fi that actually works from his home office
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Rebel is revolutionising home internet.

Advanced Hardware

Stylish tri-band SuperPods that plug into your wall and create a powerful Wi-Fi network.

Dynamic Software

Cloud powered software that continuously optimises the connection of every device in your home.

Performance Alerts

We monitor your network's health and share targeted recommendations to ensure peak performance.

Flexible Contracts

We don't have to trap you with long-term contracts because we know you'll love our service.

Fair Pricing

New and existing customers pay the same. No teaser rates or above-inflation price increases.

Premium Service

Our friendly success teams are available to help 24/7. Call or email. Always people, no bots.
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Our Products & Pricing:

Rebel Icon Broadband 2- Black


Fibre broadband with speeds up to 1Gb. Available to 29m homes.

Starts at £35 / month

Reble Icon Wi-Fi- Black


Available as an add-on to Broadband or standalone as a Wi-Fi only service.

£5 / month / SuperPod

Rebel Icon Homephone 2- Black

Home Phone

A digital home phone service that uses your broadband connection. 

£10 / month

Stuck in a contract?

Set a reminder to switch

Big Broadband loves to lock you in for as long as possible – and then charge through the nose when your contract expires.

If you want to switch but can’t just yet, let us know when your contract ends and we’ll send you a reminder nearer the time.

Three simple steps to the internet you deserve.

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Build your solution

Use our recommendation tool to match your needs with the perfect products.

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Set up your personal network

Use your app to personalise your Wi-Fi network with profiles and device specific settings.

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Enjoy great internet

Enjoy a seamless connection to the internet across every device, in every room, any time.

Customer enjoying Rebel's Wi-Fi that actually works from her children's playroom
Customer enjoying Rebel's Wi-Fi that actually works from her children's playroom

Stuck in a contract?

Solve your Wi-Fi today.

Our standalone Wi-Fi service means you can immediately solve your Wi-Fi woes without booking an engineering appointment or waiting for your contract to expire. It is plug-and-play and works with your existing broadband.
SuperPod surrounded by Rebel graphics
SuperPod surrounded by Rebel graphics

Not sure what you need?

We can help.

Most people don't know the broadband speeds they need or how much Wi-Fi equipment to install. And that's OK. Our survey learns about your usage and home to provide a product recommendation specific to you.
Rebel's customer survey and recommendation tool
Rebel's customer survey and recommendation tool

Need help? Talk to us.

Our friendly customer success teams are available 24/7 by phone or email. You can also complete the form with your question, and our team will respond ASAP.